A meetup for game designers in the Netherlands to playtest each other's games in progress.

Bring a device to play your game on. To playtest as many games as possible, one attendee per game is preferable, but if you really need someone to assist you, a colleague may also sign up. This meetup is not intended for students, as students already have classmates, mentors and teachers to get feedback from.

The next PLAYDEV.CLUB meetup will probably take place in or around April. Registrations fill up very quickly, so make sure to subscribe below to get invited for future meetups before their public announcement.

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Previous PLAYDEV.CLUB meetups took place at Guerrilla, Paladin, Codeglue, Abbey Games, and Sparpweed, with talks by game designers Joris Dormans, Mahdi Bahrami, Chris Nengerman, Richard Boeser, Erik Boltjes, Adriaan Jansen, Martijn Zandvliet, Wytze Kamp, Koen Deetman, and Jori Kamp. This meetup is organised by @AdriaandeJongh. Impression of previous editions: