A meetup for game designers in the Netherlands to playtest each other's games in progress.

Bring a device to play your game on. To playtest as many games as possible, only bring a colleague if necessary. is not intended for students, as students already have classmates, mentors and teachers to get feedback from. #16 will take place at:

DoubleDutch Games
Kromme Nieuwegracht 3, 3512HC, Utrecht
November 1, 2019 (Friday)

Important note: It's in an office building called De Stadstuin. The entrance is closed by default, so call Adriaan on +31 6 4967 8083 when you get there!

19 attendees (25 attendees maximum):
Aran Koning (Sokpop)
Martijn Wessels (Lucky Kat Studios)
Govert Combée (Catnip Games)
Joris Roelofs
Alex Nicola (Space Cats Tactics)
Ramon Huiskamp (roofkat)
Doron Hirsch (Kwa Qua Games)
Adriaan de Jongh
Nikolas Kalin Lanjouw
Nathan Daniëls (Longest Road Studio)
Tom Jongens
Timo Visser (Ultimo Games)
Göran van Beest
Tom van den Boogaart (Sokpop)
Menno Stas
Steve Swink (Webble)
Celine Veltman (Adriaan's Minion)
Merlijn de Vries
Dion Koster (Team Reptile)

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