A meetup for game designers in the Netherlands to playtest each other's games in progress.

Bring a device to play your game on. To playtest as many games as possible, only bring a colleague if necessary. is not intended for students, as students already have classmates, mentors and teachers to get feedback from. #18 took place at:

Takkebijsters 17 B3, 4817BL, Breda
March 6, 2020 (Friday)

18 attendees (25 attendees maximum):
Adriaan de Jongh
Aran Koning (sokpop)
Bowie Derwort (Gamebasics Studio)
Dirk Boer ( - but private project)
Ramon Huiskamp (roofkat)
Joris Roelofs
Elwin Verploegen (Sassybot)
Tom Jongens ()
Alex Leestemaker
Dennis haverhals (Indie Dennis)
Steve Swink (Webble / Cubeheart)
Wilco Boode (CRADLE (Breda University of Applied Sciences))
Sandy Seifert
Robin Apollo
Tino van der Kraan (Sassybot)
Celine Veltman
Kevin van As
Niels de Jong (Total Mayhem Games)