A meetup for anyone working on games in the Netherlands to play and discuss each other's games in progress.

This meetup is specifically not intended for students, as students already have fellow students and teachers to get feedback from. meetups are organised by Adriaan, Aran, and a different co-organiser for every meetup. Diversity and inclusivity are incredibly important to us and with every meetup we aim to create a safe space for all attendees, including underrepresented groups in the Dutch game industry. Check our code of conduct and privacy policy. #20 is co-organised with Kirsten and will take place at:

Example Event
Neude 5, Utrecht
March 20, 2025 (Thursday)

8 attendees (25 attendees maximum):
Adriaan de Jongh (Secret Shuffle)
Aran Koning (Stacklands)
Bob (unannounced game)
Jan (unannounced game)
Tom (prototype)
Erik (unannounced game)
Gwen (untitled game)
Julia (unannounced game)

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Sign up below to attend this meetup. Find our privacy policy here. aims to host diverse attendees, facilitate diverse feedback, and create an inclusive environment. To encourage this, this meetup will host at least 1 person who is part of an underrepresented group in the Dutch game industry per 3 people who are overrepresented.

At every meetup, we expect attendees to behave professionally, to think carefully about how they give feedback, and contact an organiser if they experience or witness inappropriate or unacceptable behavior so that proper action can be taken. You can find our full code of conduct here. Additionally, this meetup is an alcohol-free event.